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Oh That Little Bit Won't Hurt Me!"
© By Lena Sanchez

I hear it all the time, "Oh that little bit won't hurt me!" Is that true? No, because you never consume "just a small amount!" Find out how much your "little bit is!"

It's very true that products/foods may only contain a minute amount of something bad, therefore if you consumed it only once it probably wouldn't make a big difference. Sadly that isn't the case because so many things you consume has only a "little bit" but when it starts to add up your poor liver and immune system will be caving in under the weight of it ALL…

Food colors for instance, the FDA http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov/~lrd/colorfac.html approves them for use and describes each and it's usage as;

FD&C (Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic) Yellow No.6; which is used in cereals, bakery goods, snack foods and other foods.

FD&C Blue No.1 Brilliant Blue FCF Bright blue; Beverages, dairy products powders, jellies, confections, condiments, icings, syrups, extracts

FD&C Blue No.2 Indigotine Royal Blue; Baked goods, cereals, snack foods, ice cream, confections, cherries

FD&C Green No.3 Fast Green FCF Sea Green; Beverages, puddings, ice cream, sherbet, cherries, confections, baked goods, dairy products

FD&C Red No.40 Allura Red AC Orange-red; Gelatins, puddings, dairy products, confections, beverages, condiments

FD&C Red No.3 Erythrosine Cherry-red; Cherries in fruit cocktail and in canned fruits for salads, confections, baked goods, dairy products, snack foods

FD&C Yellow No.5 Tartrazine Lemon Yellow; Custards, beverages, ice cream, confections, preserves, cereals

FD&C Yellow No.6 Sunset Yellow Orange; Cereals, baked goods, snack foods, ice cream, beverages, dessert powders, confections

How many of those foods have you consumed today? Betcha it didn't end up as JUST A SMALL AMOUNT! What are those additives of many colors made of? 99% are synthetic, because they are cheaper and make more money for the manufacturer..

Would you go to the gas station and buy oil to eat or drink? Not at all, but when you consume dyes you are eating and/or drinking petroleum (crude oil). That is exactly what the majority of dyes are made from! Our systems are not designed to consume crude oil in any manner. The other .09% is made from some funny little red cochineal bugs. That's right cochineal bugs (insects) in your food. If it's red it may be colored with bugs! And the other .01% of colors comes from vegetables.

Oh by the way, when the FDA calls it vegetable dye that doesn't mean it's made of vegetables, but that it can be used on vegetables and other foods! Just a tiny little mislead there!

Example of how it's NEVER "JUST A LITTLE BIT."

You wake up in the morning and take your shower, usually filled with *chlorine by-products. And in your soap or shower gel, shampoo and condition your hair usually contain one or more dyes and other chemicals. You get out of the shower or bath and slather on deodorant/antiperspirant (Your friends and coworkers will appreciate that gesture.), which contains more dye and other chemical components that have been shown to be carcinogenic along with aluminum to congregate in your brain. Women apply moisturizers to the face and whole body along with other cosmetics. Each one of them contains one or more dye with other chemicals, also shown to be carcinogenic.

Men put on the after shave and smart ones apply a moisturizer to their skin and body, all containing hormonal imbalancing chemicals and dye. All of those things put on the body is absorbed through your skin into the organs of your body. That's before you start the day. See what chemicals in our shampoos and body products do to us http://www.envirodocs.com/chemicals.htm

Next comes breakfast; most of you will down a cup of coffee and a pastry/donut/breakfast bar or bowl of cereal with milk. The coffee sets your heart to racing and your systems into a frantic jump for a few hours. Those quick breakfast foods contain sugar and honey and/or syrup, which speeds up your systems more and also contain one or more dye.

See the chart above and how many dyes are allowed in cereal, they also have sugar/honey that helps your systems speed up even more, helping to wear them out, and the milk is a pus filled substance that contain all kinds of hormones, antibiotics, chemicals and pesticides, which the cow takes in through her foods or is given in injection by the dairymen to make them more money, which shorten the lives of the cow and you. All of these before you even start your day. I won't even begin to talk about your McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell lunches filled with fat, dyes, chemicals and pesticides.

Do you still think "that little bit won't hurt you?"

Dyes alone without all the other junk is enough for your liver and immune system to yell STOP if they could.

So many people react to dyes alone in such a manner to make their day a bad one and their life a sad one. Dyes are known to cause inability to concentrate as well as create hyperactivity and the extreme in children of bouncing off the walls (ADHD or ADD) in some. The day and the hyperactivity gets worse as more dye and/or chemicals are ingested throughout the day. Add that to the other chemical pollution in your water and environment and you have a head on collision for crashing your health.

Other problems noted with dyes alone include depression, fear, and phobias, irritability, and can even though the FDA refuses to accept the fact, I have seen them set off asthma attacks in some. How about IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)? I bet if some IBS sufferers would cut out the dyes and chemicals in their foods they could be free of their misery…

If you think I'm being paranoid take notice of your grocery store's healthy food section… How big is it? Usually very small! Does that say something about the majority of the other foods on their shelves? I think so.

When purchasing food and body care products read the label and stay away from foods and drink containing chemicals you can't pronounce and food dyes. Foods should consist of fresh or frozen to avoid most additives, even with frozen you have to read labels… Fresh, unless organically grown fruits and veggies must be washed thoroughly before eating!

Those simple precautions can create a healthier happy family and you!

*See chlorine dangers in your water at http://www.envirodocs.com/chlorine-2002.htm

Be healthy, Lena

Lena Sanchez Author of "Handbook Of Herbs To Health & Other Secrets," "Antibiotic Alternatives To Preventing Mega Bacteria," & "Dangers & Secrets Doctors Refuse To Tell You." Found online at http://www.antibiotic-alternatives.com and Editor of "Natural Environmental Health Facts & Your Home Business Coach" ezine subscribe at http://www.envirodocs.com/newsletter.htm

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