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s the food you're buying REALLY low fat?

The regulations dealing with how foods are labled is ambiguous and hard to regulate. Low Fat is a common term, used to increase the sales of foods in today's market. Almost everything you see has the words "Low Fat" or "Lower Fat" on their label. But what does this mean? Low compared to what, a tub of lard?

Read the labels carefully. inspect each product that you buy for this reason, what is low fat to a manufacturer can be very high to your diet.

As a rule of thumb, try finding foods that are less than 2 grams of fat per serving.


The word "Lower Fat" can be very misleading. All this statement means is that the food is lower fat than it was at one time. If it had 100 grams of fat originally and it now has 90 grams of fat it is the "New" Lower fat version but it could still outrageously high in fat! This is very common and misleading. Look at the total fat and the kinds of fat as well.

To sum it all up, just because it says low fat doesn't really mean it is, check the label to see if it is Low Fat or Full of It!

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